Learn the skills that get you hired. At Trade Smart College, we train you to be a professional first, so you can build your technical skills during your internship.

With your foundation of professional skills, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase those skills on an internship with a Trade Smart certified company. Completing the internship and earning your Diploma is the next step on the Apprenticeship Pathway.

If you get signed as an apprentice, you’ll start working towards qualifying as a journeyperson and the wide range of rewarding career options in the trades. So come join us at Trade Smart College and Build Your “It” Factor.

Plumbing & HVAC

Plumbers plan, install and repair piping systems, fixtures and equipment used to distribute and/or drain and dispose of liquids and gases, including pneumatics and air-handling systems. HVAC Mechanics work on refrigeration, cooling and combined heating cooling systems including geo-exchange systems in residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional settings.


Electricians plan, install and repair electrical systems in residential, commercial and large industrial settings. This can include anything from installing a new outlet to massive electrical grids, solar farms and other renewable energy operations and energy storage systems.


An Automotive Service Technician performs preventative maintenance, diagnoses problems and repairs vehicle systems in cars and light trucks. Heavy duty truck and coach technicians perform similar tasks on larger units such as trucks, coaches, tractors, and other large pieces of equipment.


Carpenters construct, renovate and repair structures made of wood, steel, concrete and other materials in residential, commercial and industrial sites. They do much more than simply swing a hammer, and carpenters can be found on every construction jobsite no matter the size.
sub-trades needed

It takes an average of 22 sub-trades to build a home.


Average annual salary increase for apprentices in Ontario.

total amount invested

The amount of time and money required to be fully job-ready at Trade Smart College vs going to University.


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Trade Smart College

If you’re a student thinking about applying to Trade Smart College, we’ve created a space for you to find out a lot more about our Diploma, and what you can expect both in-class and on your internship. Let’s start the process.

Trade Smart College

A lot of local companies are asking us about becoming Trade Smart certified. If you are one of them, please take a moment to look through this section. It lays out the benefits and requirements of our approval process, as well how you can support the apprenticeship pathway and get great new candidates into the industry.

Trade Smart College

If you have a student who is thinking about coming to Trade Smart College, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve created a resource section for parents to find out more about the College, the details and costs of our Diploma, and our unique approach to getting students jobs.

Trade Smart College is not for everyone. We truly want everyone to be the best they can be, but that does not mean that everyone should come to our college. We offer pre-apprenticeship training in five trades, so we’re not the right fit for anyone who isn’t interested in a career in those trades. But more than that, we only know one pathway to excellence in the trades, and we only accept 150 students a year per location.

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